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  4. Selena the Best!!!

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    make me choose meme: music videos

    anonymous asked: come & get it or we can’t stop

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    //Up lifting mashup’s that make you want to dance and become happier. // Listen //

    1.) DNA Vs. Rock Me 2.) Slow Down Tonight 3.) Give You A Heart Attack 4.) Cooler Thank How I feel 5.) Payphone Boyfriend 6.) I Wanna Wreck 7.) Just The Love 8.) Come & Get a Figure 8 9.) Love My DNA Back Tonight 10.) Marry You Again 11.) Slow Wild 12.) Come & Roar 13.) Smile You’re 22.

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  9. I love my fans. They’re the most beautiful thing in the entire world for me. Every single thing I do is for them.

    I love you too!!!

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